Finding the best price for specific location (using Hopper app)

Local POV provides some tips and tricks for Canadians travelling to warmer destinations. This includes parking, dealing with your winter clothes, boots and coats and ensuring your car starts upon your return.

So you want to fly away on holidays. Don’t care when, but you do care where.

A number of apps, websites and tools exist to keep you informed on the best rates, help you pick the best option, alert you of price drops and more. This tutorial focuses on how to use the Hopper app for this purpose.

Note: All examples will be based on travel between Toronto and Miami, but apply from any Canadian city departure

Hopper (iOS, Android)

Scenario 1 – Book immediately, find the cheapest flight on any future date

Hopper is a mobile app (iOS and Android) which displays prices for a selected trip in a calendar view. Allowing you easily pick the month, week or day to travel to ensure best rate possible. Let’s book a flight:

1. Open the Hopper app (various screens might be displayed if this is your first time opening the app)


2. Click on the Search button on the bottom menu

3. Enter your departure and arrival airports (hint: suggest the city and not the airport (where possible) as some cities have multiple airport and a cheaper flight might be found at one of these alternate airports)

4. View your results

5. Apply filters

3 filters exist with a Hopper search result page

A. the first is booking a round trip or one way trip

B. The second (accessed by clicking the “Filters” button), filters limited fares (these are the cheapest fares, however frequently charge for bags, seat selection, etc…). Note: if you deselect, the app will inform you if the impact was significant on the fares.

C. The third is the number of layovers. Frequently, more layovers result in cheaper options, however the time impact can be significant.

5. Select the dates which you wish to travel by clicking first you wish to depart, then the date of your return. The colours ranges presented below the “Choose Your Travel Dates” header, matches the colours with the calendar view.

A. Click anywhere on a desired month and this will open a bigger view.

B. Click the start date, then the return date.

C. Click the “Select These Dates” once you have made the appropriate selections

D. Hopper will make a recommendation in order to provide you the best rate. For example, it is recommended to wait as a price drop is expected (but not guaranteed). Note: no recommendation will be made if you have the best predicted time.

More on this below

E. To proceed, click on “Shop Flights”

F. Select your Outbound flight (price is based on also selecting the cheapest return [if you selected return flight])

G. Confirm your selection by clicking the “Select This Outbound” button

H. Select your return flight in the same manner. Hopper will make recommendations based on traveling during daylight hours, saving time, saving money and more. If happy with your option, click “Select this Return”
I. Review your selection, including understanding the restrictions and fees. Once you are ready to go, click “Choose Travelers & Payment”.

Scenario 2 – Let Hopper narrow down to cheapest flights for desired trip duration

A. From the Search tab, click the “Flexible” button

B. Modify the filters as desired (the first is the price range, the second is duration of the stay) then click “Choose”

C. Navigate the result by scrolling

D. Select one of the results, and proceed as pers Option 1, from bullet point F.

Scenario 3 – Be notified of the (most likely) best time to purchase

If you are willing to risk losing your preferred seat, you can let Hopper notify you when costs could be decreasing for your desired travel

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